Dear Drivers,

I won’t be angry or too biased (this one I’ll attempt my best at) in the next few minutes as I write this to you. I just wanted to say that I am quite saddened by the amount of casualties, accidents, and crashes there has been in regards to my fellow riders as well as … More Dear Drivers,

Many Thanks

When you see terrible things happening to people you sometimes think things similar to: “that’s not going to happen to me”. There’s a semblance  of reassurance in those words because bad things don’t happen to everyone, there’s still a chance to walk away unscathed. How untrue I was in believing in those words, no matter … More Many Thanks


As some of you heard and unfortunately seen, I got hit by a silver Chevrolet Silverado 4 door truck on Sunday, October 2nd 2016 at 11:24am. I want to thank every first responder and rider that came and assisted the wreck as I owe you my life and eternal gratitude. I am also so grateful … More Broken

Streets of Willow

Flash back Friday (#FBF) to this year’s Easter Sunday where we celebrated it at Streets of Willow’s track! Huge shout out to New Century BMW for hosting this event and Fastrack Riders staff for handling and organizing! You guys were amazing and we all had such a blast! We’re so thankful and blessed that New Century … More Streets of Willow

Why I Ride

I still remember the night I brought home, loosely speaking, my 2009 Kawasaki Ninja 250 (in all its carb’ed goodness) January 4th 2014. I had bought it from a guy I had mentioned earlier in one of my other posts, military and constantly moving: the bike needed a more stable owner so he sold it. It … More Why I Ride


When you get into a sport like motorcycles… You tend to either run through gear like tissues or… You just become a gear whore, and forreal, not judging at all. 😉 I for one totally approve of having more gear (although I highly recommend on actually using them). There’s nothing wrong with keeping things updated … More Gear