Buttonwillow Raceway

For a track that’s in the middle of nowhere, it’s a VERY nicely kept track compared to a bigger one like Willow Springs. The only other nice facility track I’ve been to is Auto Club Speedway, but the price tag to track there is VERY steep. I was impressed by all the nice facilities that came with this track and just by how clean everything was. Their gate fee is $10.00 per person, paid at the front, CASH ONLY. I also rented a garage for the day when I tracked on July 15th 2017 for a flat fee of $100 which I thought was very acceptable if you split with friends (easily fits 5-6 motorcycles per garage if you want more remaining seating area for spectators, if not, 8 bikes will fit). The ones closer to the track entrance are smaller (single car) and the ones we rented out was the size of two car garage. The garages were spacious and also came with plenty of outlets (something I really liked) that totaled 8 plug ins so it was easy for us to set up fans and phone charging stations. It’s also not too far to the meeting area and restrooms. Fuel is also available on-site (Octane: 91-101 Unleaded / 110 Leaded).

GROUP C Sweeper BW__3593_Jul1517_CaliPhoto

They had an awesome large patio area that is setup with misters for summer days and their indoor Tower Cafe that serves different dishes like teriyaki chicken bowls and burgers. Is the food the best? Probably not, but the fact that you have options and it’s decent food, nothing to complain about. It’s A/C’ed, spacious with plenty of seating, clean and has easily accessible utensil and condiment table provided. Although I hear that there are no indoor restrooms at the Tower Cafe. We had lunch there and were very comfortable. That tower is also where spectators can get a full view of the track on the second level (stairs on the side) and you’ll be in shade.

There are plenty of hotels in Bakersfield that’s only 30 minutes away from the track if you want to leave the night before, sleep then head out to the track. If not, Buttonwillow actually offers overnight camping area for a cheap price. Their camping grounds is a 43-space RV Park with electricity and water hook-ups. They have 14 paved spots and 29 un-paved spots and the rate per day for the paved areas is $25 while the rate for the un-paved areas is $20 per day. It comes with Men’s and Women’s showers that are available in the restroom building located near the Go-Kart track. Their gate is open all night so come whenever and set your camping ground. 🙂

It was my first time there so the track was new to me, first time out was a little hard since it felt really foreign AND that each turn is named rather than numbered so I had a hard time remembering what was what, but eventually started to grow on me and by day’s end I was having so much fun on the track. Their off-ramp/off-camber right turn has this strange patch that was filled in with concrete rather than asphalt so it’s strange to ride though, it’s very bumpy. By pass it with a wider turn, hit your apex and throttle out.

Definitely would recommend it to others, if only they were closer it’d be nice to come more often since it’s a 2.5 hour drive for us from LA (may not seem far to some, but have to realize the closest track to us is 25 minutes to Auto Club Speedway lol).


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