Cortech Super 2.0 Tail Bag

About two months ago or so I purchased a tail bag that I’ve been talking about wanting to get for the longest time. I just hadn’t found the one I liked in the last year or so. In the midst of so many tank and tail bags (mostly tank bags) I was looking for one that was spacious but not so spacious that it was HUGE. My intentions were only to be able to hold a food to-go box, or a camera or water bottles. I wasn’t looking for something that was very large that held more. I had many other friends that has fairly large bags on their motorcycles, while handy, wasn’t exactly what I was looking for.

I wasn’t looking for a tank bag since I sometimes enjoy laying on my tank (sometimes tucking too) on longer rides and with a large tank bag, that wouldn’t be possible anymore. While I was at Bert’s Mega Mall with the boyfriend to get some maintenance stuff I stumbled upon a Cortech bag that looked almost the perfect size. It was Cortech’s Super 2.0 Tail Bag and had two sizes, 24L and 14L one. The 24L one was way too big but the 14L was perfect. It was mid-size, not too big nor too small and I immediately took a liking to it. Figuring I had some ZillaCash from Revzilla I purchased the tail bag through them since that site covers sales tax.

When it arrived, it came with 4 straps that had clips that attaches to the bag itself for times when you need a longer stretch to reach different places. It also came with a weather bag that you can place on over your bag for when it rains so it doesn’t get wet. We originally started tweaking with the bag to see what fitment was the perfect place on the bike (Ninja 300). We tried using the straps to tie it down to the side pegs of the bike, but it didn’t look good nor did it look safe. It was actually ugly with all these bulky straps jutting down the bike. We tried wrapping the straps around the underside to the other side, but there ended up not enough clips and the straps were too long (even when shortened to their shortest length) that it had a slight limp.


We ended up playing around with it longer than I anticipated (not to mention all the videos we watched to see which method we liked) that I was rather downtrodden that I might had to accept the fact that I’m going to have ugly straps alongside Toshiro. It wasn’t until around 30 minutes later that the boyfriend and I tried using the bike’s passenger seat straps with the direct clips that were on the bag (without the straps the tail bag came with) and clipped it directly underneath the strap. It worked perfectly! Now we had the conundrum of what to do with the back end so that it was strapped down and not flapping around since the front was tied down properly. The boyfriend came up with the idea of tying one of the straps to one of the rubber hook-ons that the tail bag has. The strap (at the shortest length) then goes around under the bike and clips onto the the bag’s remaining clip. VOILA! Finally done! Having a length of the strap being used to tie around the rubber hook-on left the perfect length for it to go around the bike without any remaining limp. I was so happy with the way it looked, there was no ugly long strap and it was easy to take off. 🙂

The size was perfect, I’m currently using it as my gym bag even. LOL. By using the weather cover as a bottom cover (so the inside felt doesn’t get dirty), I have a pair of workout shoes, pants and sports bra with lifting gloves and still have some remaining space left. The tail bag also provides a side zipper on one end (on the outside) where I have my locker lock and music earbuds so it’s separate from the clothes. The inside close cover has its own little Velcro’ed pocket and zipper area as well as a place to hold pens and pencils. It’s very spacious without being too bulky on the bike! It’s sturdy quality with thick lining and soft on the inside (red felt material) I’m very happy with the purchase. 🙂

Hope this helps for those that are planning on getting a tail bag! For more photos of the Cortech Super 2.0 Tail Bag!


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