Every year there’s an event called ‘Turkwalla’ and ‘Femmewalla’ that takes place in a far off land called Chuckwalla. Nestled in the middle of nowhere, your closest freeway is the 10 and about 50 miles from civilization. If you decide to track in the summer or winter, be wary of extreme temperatures and usually hence why some track organizations take a hiatus in the summer because it’s just too hot and too much liability for people to pass out and get hurt at such high speeds.

We partook in last year’s Thanksgiving festivities at Chuckwalla track and was actually going to go this year too, but unfortunately due to circumstances we had to withdraw our attendance. We’re hoping for better results for next year though! With that being said, let me just say that Chuckwalla track is SO MUCH fun! It’s reminiscent of Angeles Crest Highway and allows for big wide sweeps that you can dip into at high speeds instead of tracks like Streets of Willow where turns are tighter and smaller. The bowl was actually one of my favorite parts and the first areas where I was able to get my knee down. 😀 The track is wide in space and allows for much more movement and freedom, but duly remember the rules of each level if you want to pass or overtake someone.


There’s three levels like most track places with level A, B, and C with A being the highest/fastest level, B is intermediate, and C being the lowest and newest rider group. Level A has the less amount of passing rules as riders can pass on the inside and outside at most turns and all straights so long as it’s 6 feet away from each other. Level B can also pass on the inside and outside only at some turns and all straights so long as it’s also 6 feet away from rider to rider. Level C has the most restrictions (which I tend to get irritated with sometimes when and since I rode this level multiple times HAHAHA) with no passing on the inside on turns, but allowed on straights only. We’re also limited to certain turns where we can pass on the outside as well in this level. C being the slower group can be clusterfuck at times and hard to deal with, hopefully you don’t pull anything stupid and get meatball’ed for it. It can take a higher level of patience to be in group C.

The organization that we went with last year and that was in charge this year was TrackXperience. It’s definitely a different vibe and pace with them than what I was used to with Fastrack Riders from Auto Club Speedway. With FTR, they’re more anal and really detail oriented with their rules and guidance, which I loved and was accustomed to. Rather TrackXperience was more lenient with rules and levels from what I experienced that day. The free riders classes they offered also seemed… I want to describe it as benign. A friend had taken it and there was one session where the teachers didn’t even show up and she waited for 10 minutes before she and another friend came back to the trailer shrugging her shoulder. I had opted out of the class since I’m honestly just too spoiled by the RDS from FTR. I like it when it’s more strict and detailed, at least that way it shows me just how important safety is especially since riding in general means you’re risking your life out there.

My own personal opinion from that experience was that it felt like it was sort of all over the place and a little too lenient. It would’ve been nice if everything was more tied up and instructions were more enforced, but overall still had a great time out on the track. 🙂 I hope this minor review of my own time there has helped if anyone is planning on trying out Chuckwalla with TrackXperience!

Check out last year’s Chuckwalla video below!


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