It’s Kind Of Magic

The thing is, you don’t realize how deep seated something was until you’ve completely lost it. Whether it’s for life or even momentarily, if something is important enough you’ll understand the agony of losing something you love. No, I’m not talking about a person. Sorry. I meant the relationship I had with my motorcycle. It’s been 7 weeks since riding was taken from me and I’ve been working hard on getting back in the game, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to accept the fact that I can’t ride for the time being. That empty feeling is staggering. Who knew.

Sometimes I can’t even describe the feeling I have for riding as I get lost in the thoughts of the focus and drive and freedom you get when one rides. It’s kind of magic as well as love when I have to put it into words. I have a fierce passion for riding and I love my riding community, mistakes and all. It’s so ingrained in me that I have a hard time understanding what it’s like to voluntarily give it up for something else because nothing else is as important or gives me the same happiness as does riding. It’s so ridiculous that if I hadn’t found a soul mate already my qualifications and #1 rule for mates would be: Do you ride a motorcycle? If not then we can’t be together. To be honest if I were to choose between having a future family or my motorcycle, I wouldn’t hesitate and choose the riding life. That’s just me, maybe I’m just crazy.


Have you ever felt that before with an activity? When the bond creates a magic so strong that leaves you so attached and breathless that you can’t help but fall deeper and harder in love. You can’t stop thinking about it day and night, it’s always there whispering it’s sweet tune to you. The best thing is the feeling of escape the bike allows me from the world because my mind never shuts up and constantly thinks and analyzes when all I want is silence. Getting on the bike allows me that silence and not the cruising type of riding but the hard type of riding where you’d have to put forth your focus and attention: Something like motorcycle tracking.

That’s one of the most glorious things about riding: motorcycle tracking. It’s so rewarding because you can legally break the law and go at high speeds while also working on your technique. That is also what I love, being able to put in my full effort and focus into technique and perfecting my craft until I can become a master in it. It’s the reason why I have no thoughts on upgrading to bigger bikes (maybe in some far off future). You can learn so much from small displacement bikes if you took the time to understand it, love it, cherish it.

Thanks for teaching and giving me such passionate love, Toshiro (2014 Ninja 300). I miss riding so much that my heartaches for you.


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