Pacific Track Time

The past weekend, July 15th 2017, a group of friends and I attended a motorcycle track day at Buttonwillow, CA at Buttonwillow Raceway. The organization that was holding the event was Pacific Track Day. Now, this event was my first time at Buttonwillow as well as with Pacific Track Time. I’ve ridden with a few … More Pacific Track Time

Lessons Learned

It’s been some time since my accident (8 months to be more precise). If you’ve read my other blog entries and been my friend then you know what happened that day. Why am I bringing this up again? Because I’ve been thinking about things and all that I went through, I realized there were a … More Lessons Learned


The weather has been pretty wet and cold, quite an unusual sight in Southern California since we’re SO USED to the idea of drought and dryness that having a little bit of storm is rather peculiar. Now once the weather brightens up and you allow the snow to melt a bit, San Bernardino has great … More Idyllwild


Every year there’s an event called ‘Turkwalla’ and ‘Femmewalla’ that takes place in a far off land called Chuckwalla. Nestled in the middle of nowhere, your closest freeway is the 10 and about 50 miles from civilization. If you decide to track in the summer or winter, be wary of extreme temperatures and usually hence … More Chuckwalla

It’s Kind Of Magic

The thing is, you don’t realize how deep seated something was until you’ve completely lost it. Whether it’s for life or even momentarily, if something is important enough you’ll understand the agony of losing something you love. No, I’m not talking about a person. Sorry. I meant the relationship I had with my motorcycle. It’s … More It’s Kind Of Magic